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This is the first of a series of applications distributed free of cost to create awareness about nature and expose young minds to the joy that nature always has on offer. This application contains images of some common birds found in Central India along with their song and focuses on helping youngsters take their first flight into the wonderful world of birds.

This application has been made essentially for school and college students. However it can be of use to anybody interested in birding. The application can be replicated and distributed freely for personal and educational use as long as its contents and credits are unaltered. We will appreciate your feedback by email. Transmission or replication for financial gain of any kind is prohibited

This software aplication has been developed by Vijay Cavale ( , Pratap Singh   (IIFM Bhopal) and Chinmaya S Rathore (IIFM Bhopal)

How to Install and Use LARK

Download the file from the link below and click on setup icon. Follow instructions to install. LARK installation is really easy and trouble free. LARK has been tested to work without any problems on Windows XP. A windows 98 version has also been made which should work on most computers if there are no other issues. If you are not running XP, please download the windows 98 version. Please note that your computer must have a sound card for LARK to work.

Lark is so easy to use that you just need to read instructions once.To start LARK , click on  start --> Programs --> Lark. Lark will start. Pictures advance automatically after a preset gap of around 15-20 seconds. Each frame shows the picture of a bird, plays its call and displays its common and scientific name. Once all frames have been shown, the application automatically starts again from the cover slide. The application has been programmed to show photos in a different random order every time it is run such that identification skills are enhanced. After a little practice, the user can start the application and close his/her eyes listening to the call and after identifying the bird from its call, open eyes to confirm identification. To advance frames manually, press space bar. To quit, press ESCAPE (ESC Key). This application should help the user identify common birds from their calls or visual features in the outdoor.


You can send your feedback about this product to Dr. Chinmaya S Rathore


Click here to download lark software (XP Version).
Click here to download lark software (Windows 98 Version).

Remember it is a 11 Mb download so its gonna take time to reach you if you are on a low speed connection. But we assure you it will be worth it. Enjoy !!

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